Automotive Ad Tracking

Track real-time advertising intelligence activity in the automotive world and supplement your knowledge of both regional and nation-wide trends. Take advantage of constant access to ad occurrence data with stats that update every four minutes.

AdImpact automotive real-time advertising activity

View and compare advertisements.

Watch all the advertisements airing in a market or from a specific advertiser and generate personalized reports that outline messaging trends and tone.

Analyze metadata.

View ad data from more than 20 tracked fields like advertiser, model, car size, features, APR, and cash price.

Monitor your schedules.

Track the scheduling of your own ads and ensure they air on time.

Stay in the know.

Never wait for the data you need with ad alerts sent in real time.

Find exact broadcast rates.

Evaluate lowest unit rates in real-time from a database of more than $9.5B and receive custom reports that update daily.

Maximize sales revenues.

Monitor spending and receive alerts about new advertisers in your market. Analyze data from competing stations and secure critical business with dashboards and reporting that highlights opportunities for new earnings.

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