From Politico Morning Score:

The DCCC placed a cable ad buy of at least $1.17 million on Thursday, according to [AdImpact], which tracks political media. The ads will start on Sept. 18 and run through election day on nine different popular cable networksLance has gotten some big outside help, too, with a Republican House leadership PAC running some aggressive attack ads. The Congressional Leadership Fund has reserved $2.1 million to help the incumbent this fall. Malinowski raised $1.1 million last period, compared to $301,267 for Lance.


TMAC BUY: A day after Democratic opponent Andy Kim dropped his first campaign ad, Republican Rep. Tom MacArthur made a $141,000 cable and broadcast ad buy that will run from Oct. 1 right through election day, according to [AdImpact]. The buy includes $89,980 on a dozen popular cable stations, as well as a broadcast purchase of $51,600 placed in PhiladelphiaThis, [AdImpact] says, brings his total for the election up to $880,000. Kim on Wednesday placed a $129,000 media buy to run over five days.

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