Harris becomes first top-tier presidential candidate to hit the airwaves


From Morning Score:

The ad, which starts airing today in Iowa, is the first ad from a high-polling presidential candidate on TV. A Harris campaign staffer told POLITICO’s Chris Cadelago that they expect the ad to air for several weeks that and the buy would ultimately be high six-figures. [AdImpact], a media tracking firm, tracks $192,000 in spending from the Harris campaign in Iowa starting today and running through Aug. 14 so far.

Other candidates have gone up already this cycle, either in the early states or nationally, but none as high profile as Harris. Candidates that have already hit the airwaves include John Delaney, Tulsi GabbardKirsten Gillibrand and Seth Moulton (and the since-ended campaigns of Eric Swalwell and Mike Gravel). But nobody has spent anything close to what Tom Steyer has spent. [AdImpact] tracks just under $7.5 million in television spending from the self-funder, with about $2.2 million of that in Iowa alone.

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