From Axios:

New factors in the internet era — like virality, digital fundraising operations and activist digital media outlets — are increasingly playing a role in political persuasion advertising, but don't write off the old-school analysts just yet.

The big picture: When political analysts at the Cook Political Report rate an election as a toss-up or move it closer to toss-up territory, much more money flows into that race — especially on the House side, according to exclusive data from [AdImpact], a data firm specializing in media ad spending and real time ad detection that specializes in politics.


Between the lines: Data from [AdImpact] also shows that candidate spending over the past three cycles is increasing at a much higher rate than spending from issue groups.

  • Since 2014, super PACS (political action committees) and party committees have increased ad spending by 65%.  However, since 2014, Democratic candidates have increased ad spending 170%, far outpacing the trend.

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