From Politico Morning Score:

A lot of money has flowed into the race, which has also attracted national groups. Neubauer has raised $1.7 million to Hagedorn’s $1.3 million through March 18, per the AP. The Republican State Leadership Committee recently committed seven figures to back Hagedorn, and Americans for Prosperity has spent over $118,000 on mailers (notably, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sat out the race). On the other side, former Attorney General Eric Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee pledged $350,000 to support Neubauer, and Planned Parenthood’s state arm has spent six figures backing her . Broadly, Neubauer has attracted significantly more outside support than Hagedorn. More than $3 million has been booked on TV from March 18 through through Election Day, according to data provided to Score by [AdImpact].

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