AdMo has made some changes! We've updated and added a few features to ensure that AdMo brings you the best intelligence, faster than anyone else. Keep reading to see what's new:

Creative Tracking Updates

Search ads by transcription

Personalize searches with AdMo's filter list, now including an option to search by transcription. Need to group ads by key words like "healthcare" or "immigration?" Select the transcription option at the bottom of the filter list, type in one or several key words, and search to view the corresponding creatives.

AdMo Transcription

Group by advertiser, market, election or party type

Narrow your search by grouping advertisers, markets, election or party types. Cut down on the noise and focus on the ads you need to view.

group by

Create a custom filter set

Don't spend your time applying the same set of filters every time you need to find an ad. Now you can choose your filters and save them as a Set using the drop-down menu and green check mark. The next time you access AdMo, your filters will be waiting to save you time.

filter sets
filter sets

Play ads instantaneously 

Mouse over any video on the home screen and click "Play Video" to view the ad directly, without having to click into the creative's individual page.

play button

View top line figures supplemented by our spending database 

AdMo's top line spending totals are now pulled from [AdImpact's] spending database, so they reflect the most recent market intelligence, straight from the source.*


Find related ads by advertiser or election

Make sure you understand the full ad landscape by accessing ads related to the advertiser or election of the ad you're viewing. Scroll down on the left side of the creative page to find related, relevant content.

admo related ads

*Our database of political spending dates to 2012. It's maintained by a team of analysts who interface directly with broadcast stations and ownership groups, ensuring access to timely and accurate data.

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