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The DSCC is going up with a coordinated ad buy with Sen. Bob Menendez’s campaign in New Jersey. They reserved at least $117,000 in cable airtime between Aug. 27-Sept. 9, according to [AdImpact], coming on the heels of a poll last week that had Menendez in a surprisingly competitive raise against Republican Bob Hugin. The last time Menendez was on the ballot in 2012, the DSCC did not make any coordinated expenditures. The NRSC trumpeted the news, with NRSC comms director Katie Martin writing in an email blast that “if you are a red state Dem, you should start pleading your case to Schumer,” because races like Florida and New Jersey are draining resources. David Bergstein, the DSCC’s national press secretary, said in a statement that “while former pharma CEO Bob Hugin has already spent $11 million on TV and is using the fortune he made raising the costs of prescription drugs for cancer patients to try to buy the Senate seat, the Menendez campaign wisely held their resources until their ads would have maximum impact in the closing weeks of the election.” Relatedly, the pro-Hugin super PAC Integrity NJ went up with a new ad hitting Menendez over corruption.

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