Streaming Platform Advertising Analysis 2022-23

Written by Ethan Mort Netflix and other early streaming platforms forever changed the way we consume media when it introduced streaming and video on demand in 2007. Sixteen years later, the streaming market has rapidly evolved. Within the last few years, Netflix has seen their dominance of the market wane with the introduction of new […]

2022 Midterms Cost Per Vote Analysis

Written by Nate Schwartz and Ethan Mort In the world of political advertising, the total amount of money an advertiser spends will not always fetch the same ad rates across the country. For instance, the New York City media market is more expensive than the Juneau market, and candidates have cheaper ad buying rates than […]

2022 Cycle in Review

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Pres. Primary Calendar Change Adbuying Analysis

By Meaghan Walsh On February 4th, 2023 the Democratic National Committee approved changes to the Presidential primary calendar. Iowa will no longer hold the coveted first spot, nor will New Hampshire be the first official primary. Both historically held honors will now go to South Carolina. The new calendar is as follows: South Carolina on […]

SuperBowl LVII Viewership Trends

Written by Celia DiSalvo, Ethan Mort, Nate Schwartz, and Meaghan Walsh This year, approximately 124M viewers tuned into the Super Bowl to witness the Philadelphia Eagles face off against the Kansas City Chiefs. In the end, the Chiefs were victorious, finishing the game at 38-35. To better understand the event, AdImpact offers an analysis of […]