Track Your Campaigns
Audit your buys and get what you pay for.

Stay one step ahead.
We have the solution.

Ever have an ad run when it wasn’t supposed to? How did you know? AdImpact can help you track your buys and ensure you get your money’s worth.
  • Did your ad air at the right time?
  • How was the quality when the ad aired?
  • Did your ad air near a competitor’s ad?
  • Did stations run the correct message and creative?


A media agency identified a grouping of spots airing incorrectly weeks prior to receiving their invoice. Catching this error in real-time saved money for not only the client but the broadcaster as well.

An automotive client needed data visualization advertising insights into Spanish language creatives in several states (TX, AZ, FL and NM). AdImpact used competitive advertising data to provide a complete look at Spanish ads and overall spend totals for multiple competitors, helping the client to establish needed budgets and GRPS levels by local media market(s).