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All clients
(TV Advertising)
  • How much do TV ads cost?
  • Are you paying the best rates?
  • How are rates fluctuating in a market?
Broadcast clients
(TV Advertising)
  • How can you best manage your inventory for the most revenue?
  • What is your current market share?
  • How do you rank in market share by category (political, automotive, pharma, etc.)?
Political clients
(TV Advertising)
  • What did your competitor pay for that spot?


AdImpact partnered with broadcasters utilizing broadcast advertising intelligence to measure the amount of airtime being dedicated to public messaging (PSAs) and how these fluctuated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A corporate Broadcast group leveraged AdImpact’s market-level rate data to help understand competitive rate structures. This allowed them to better position their rate offerings to maximize competitive market share.  The result was that they exceeded the company’s yearly budget by over 16%, and 80+% of the stations in the group achieved or overachieved budget figures.

By utilizing AdImpact advertising data, a Hedge Fund client was able to leverage their findings about competitive media market share and increase their market cap by almost 8%.