John Link

VP, Sales

John is the only executive on the team who was a client before he joined the company. Before AdImpact, John worked as the Political Director of Sales at CBS. He sold advertising space with CBS for 15 years. When we began working with John, he discovered that he liked our product so much he wanted to work here. He came on to lead our sales division and has developed an unbelievable sales team. John’s 20 years working in broadcast lend him invaluable expertise which applies that to helps us bring great products to market. John is a true team player, and when he’s not taking meetings, he spends his time with his all-star wife, son, and three daughters.

John graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Advertising from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in 1996. For more than 20 years, he worked in broadcast sales and account management for companies like Petry Television, Katz Media Group, and CBS.

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