Know your competition
Your competition’s strategy exposed.

Stay one step ahead.
We have the solution.

AdImpact can help you keep track of what your competitors are doing, when they do it.
  • What are your competitors’ messaging & creative?
  • What are your competitors spending?
  • Where are your competitors advertising by market and station?
  • How many estimated impressions are your competitors receiving?
  • What are your competitors spending in cost per thousand?
  • In what markets are your competitors running ads?


A media agency has recommended to a client they increase their ad budget by over 15% this quarter based on AdImpact’s advertising intelligence about how their spend totals compare with competitors.

A creative agency needed insight into a competitor’s media trends, brand messaging, and creative. This competitor intelligence was used to help guide their creative messaging approach, and they were able to react and respond with geographically targeted messages of their own.

AdImpact built custom advertising analytics dashboards for a United States Presidential candidate, allowing his campaign to directly follow political advertising spending and Presidential ad messaging in real time locally and nationally.

An agency used AdImpact’s competitive advertising data to help them identify potential acquisition targets. They have since expanded into 4 additional markets and are planning to double their footprint by the end of 2021 using AdImpact as their insights agency.