Analysis: Biden’s Digital Comeback


When Joe Biden won South Carolina, he sparked the comeback his campaign so desperately needed. As his momentum built, so too did his financial capabilities. Around the Super Tuesday elections, Biden’s digital spending skyrocketed as his victories and new endorsements brought in the money. His spending has lessened a bit since Super Tuesday, but he is now acting and spending like a frontrunner.

Biden’s Digital Campaign

biden digiatl

With more money to spend, Biden’s campaign now has the means to amplify his tried and true messaging aimed at forming coalition of Democratic voters and touting his accomplishments. The main pillar of this strategy is reminding voters that he was President Obama’s VP. He regularly ties himself to Obama-era policies and weaves images of the former president into his creative. The other key aspect of Biden’s messaging is his strategy to beat Trump by attracting more moderate voters. With this newfound momentum though, Joe has been able to add layers to his messaging, utilizing his endorsements to bolster himself in competitive states with surrogates Beto O’Rourke in Texas and Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota. More recently, he has been running ads claiming he will be the Democratic nominee.

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