While most advertisers have taken a pause from spending due to the global health pandemic, we have seen a sharp uptick in Senate spending.

Senate Spending Analysis

Three issue groups placed multi-million-dollar pre-booking buys in hotly contested Senate races. Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) has placed pre-booking broadcast buys in Colorado, Maine, Iowa, and North Carolina in support of at-risk Republican incumbent candidates. In total, Senate Leadership Fund has pre-booked a total of $35.6M on broadcast today. Their buy is set to run from 9/8-11/2 and so far, they have spent $3.3M in Colorado, $9M in Iowa, $6.4M in the hotly contested ME race, and $17M in North Carolina.

While SLF has been targeting multiples races nationwide, Defend Arizona and Keep Kentucky Great have been focused on the Senate races in their respective states. Defend Arizona, a pro-McSally group, has placed $7.7M on pre-booked broadcast spending today. Much like SLF’s pre-booked spending, Defend Arizona is going up on air from 9/8-11/2. The Pro-McConnell group, Keep Kentucky Great has also placed pre-booking spending from 9/8-11/2 and has spent a total of $9M so far.

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