Senate Majority PAC Spending Analysis

Over the last two weeks, we have seen an influx of pre-bookings in hotly contested Senate races. Defend Arizona, Keep Kentucky Great, and Senate Leadership Fund have already been spending, but now we have seen a large pre-booking from Senate Majority PAC (SMP), a group dedicated to building a Democratic majority in the Senate. So far, we have seen Senate Majority PAC pre-book in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maine and North Carolina. All of these states currently have Republican Senators up for reelection this year that are expected to be very vulnerable. The sum of money pre-booked is also notable as political spending has slowed in recent weeks.

In Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and North Carolina, Senate Majority PAC goes up on TV from 8/4 until Election Day, 11/3. However, in Iowa, they start airing statewide on 9/8 until Election Day. In Iowa, they have spent $10.73 in pre-booked broadcast spending aimed at Joni Ernst. SMP has spent $16.66M in North Carolina in support of Cal Cunningham, who recently won the Democratic primary and will face the incumbent Thom Tillis in the general election. While Maine has not had their primary yet, SMP has spent $8.1M in opposition to the current sitting senator, Susan Collins. So far, we have seen Senate Majority PAC has spent $2.46M in unseating Cory Gardner in Colorado. Finally, SMP has been active in Arizona’s special election to unseat Martha McSally. In Arizona, they have spent a total of $8.58M so far. In total, Senate Majority PAC has spent $46.5M in pre-booking today, so expect these races to be hotly contest come time for the general election.

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