Covid-19: Weekly Recaps


This weekly report from AdImpact details the latest TV and Facebook political ads related to the Coronavirus. If you have specific questions related to this topic, contact [email protected]. Follow us on Twitter @Ad_Analytics for frequent updates.

Coronavirus Advertising Recap March 27, 2020

TV: MARCH 21-27

This week, 9 ads have mentioned “coronavirus,” totaling $995K.

Susan Collins, ME – “Mainers Don’t Panic” and “The Real Heroes
Mitch McConnell, KY  – “Fuels Fear
Amy McGrath, KY – “Look Out for Each Other
Ron Stollings, WV – “Good Common Sense
Woody Thrasher, WV – “Time of Concern
Unite the Country – “Crisis Comes
Majority Forward – “Sweeping Measures
Priorities USA – “Hoax

“Hoax” is the ad with the most airings at 959, and last aired  on 3/24.
*Please note, the above data is from the last seven days, including today.


Last week, the top 5 advertisers spent a combined $48,000 for 6.9M total impressions.

– Spent an estimated $22,000 with an estimated 4.7M impressions
– Messaged on the Trump Administrations response to the Coronavirus outbreak

– Spent an estimated $7,500, with an estimated 1M impressions
– Messaged on the Congressional stimulus package

Color of Change PAC
– Spent an estimated $7,500, with an estimated 893k impressions
– Messaged on coronavirus and the 2020 Census

Indivisible Action
– Spent an estimated $6,600, with an estimated 22k impressions
– Messaged on the Senate voting against increasing paid leave and worker protections in the face of the coronavirus crisis

– Spent an estimated $4,400, with an estimated 273k impressions
– Messaged on Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans response to coronavirus

*Please note, the above data is from one week ago. 

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