Benefits for Ad Agencies

Ad agencies need constant access to information to best serve the brands they represent. The media landscape is huge and always evolving. It is imperative that agencies have tools that provide the data they need to help their clients grow.

AdImpact knows exactly how to create success for agencies and the brands they represent, with tools that deliver data within minutes of a new ad airing. One agency determined that a 15% increase in ad budget was necessary to keep up with competitor brands. Another agency will double its client's advertising footprint by the end of 2021 using AdImpact's advertising intelligence.

Broadcast and Digital Advertising Data

A prominent ad agency representing a household brand name needed intelligence about competitor brand activity. The agency wanted to audit its client’s broadcast advertising schedule in real time to determine necessary schedule adjustments and grow share of voice in certain markets. They required both ad occurrence and expenditure data to understand and counter their competitors’ strategy.

AdImpact tracks broadcast advertising on more than 1100 local TV stations in all 210 markets along with national broadcast and cable networks, and digital advertising. We provide linear data and superior expenditure intelligence to ad agencies in user-friendly dashboards. For this agency, AdImpact developed a custom set of dashboards that exposed competitor weakness and opportunities for success. These dashboards provided the following:

  • Ad occurrence and expenditure data at the market and station level for all relevant brands
  • Real-time comparison of competitor ad units, impressions, and spend on broadcast and other media types
  • A real-time traffic report to monitor individual ad airings and confirm that ad schedules were running correctly
  • A rate analysis of any market to ensure the agency was not paying more than competitors

Agency Success with Broadcast Advertising Intel

These tools benefit this and any agency in two major ways.

First, the delivery of real-time data via flexible tools allows agencies to make decisions about next quarter’s schedules right now. AdImpact’s solutions eliminate the wait time between quarterly audits. This gives agencies and brands a leg up on their competitors who are often making choices about ad schedules with old information.

Second, AdImpact’s tools are built to cut through the noise and highlight the most important information. With specific views of market share by spending, ad units, and impressions, agencies can assess the competitive landscape quickly without spending time sifting through spreadsheets or hunting for information.

The ad agencies that use AdImpact’s tools respond to competitor movement, analyze the strategy behind the movement, grow share of voice for their clients, and can even monitor messaging trends in tandem with market share to create a highly effective ad strategy.

Find out more about what AdImpact can do for ad agencies, or get in touch with us!

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