AdImpact was recently approached by an ad agency representing a large client portfolio across several industries. The agency had identified some challenges they needed to overcome in order to maintain and grow their clients’ market share, as well as ensure each campaign was maximizing opportunity.

Challenges, Approach, and Results

Like most advertising agencies today, they were familiar with the landscape, had a driven, successful team, and were dedicated to client success, but they wanted to be proactive about identifying and overcoming blind spots. Specifically, the agency asked for our help with these tasks:

  1. Ensure they were maximizing advertising budgets for each client
  2. Monitor competitor brands’ advertising strategies quickly and:
    1. Assure maximum ad separation between their brands and competitor brands
    2. Better understand their ad markets in real time to allow for more nimble advertising strategies and quick pivots
    3. Monitor the channels and platforms regularly used by competitors and identify opportunities to expand share of voice

AdImpact’s tools that make us the leader in advertising intelligence. Our real-time ad occurrence data, superior ad expenditure intel, and customizable tools, we were able to provide exactly what this agency needed.

To help this agency understand where their dollars were going and how to maximize their ad budget, we directed the agency to our dashboards that monitor ads for their clients and competing brands in real time. This tool shows GRPs for each ad, cost per point, air times, transcription, and more. Our dashboards answer questions about programs with low viewership, ad traffic rotation or average market rates. This information can be filtered for specific date ranges, too, and show advertising data for ads that aired only hours ago.

In order to provide real-time intel on the agency’s competitors, we developed creative alerts and deliver notifications right to the inbox of key decision makers. Once an alert is received, the agency’s team members turn to our dashboards to review where and when competitors are airing ads (this included markets, stations, cable channels, and media types)– down to the second. Our solutions also show air times, helping the agency achieve maximum separation from the competition in their advertising pods.

Tools like these, however, are meaningless if they aren’t used, aren’t understood, or don’t lead to actionable results. That’s why we focus on making our tools as user-oriented as possible – and the results speak for themselves. This client found that our real time ad tracking tools allowed them to respond faster to market and advertising trends, create ads that more accurately represented consumer preferences, and audit ad schedules and rates when necessary. AdImpact’s tools also show our partners where their competition is underspending, allowing them win market share.

Using AdImpact’s tailored dashboards and alerts, this prominent agency achieved real, monetizable results. Our dedicated client services team ensured the best use of our tools and facilitated successful outcomes. We were, and are, always on call for our clients and ready to troubleshoot should any concerns arise. Our focus is our clients’ success, and it powers everything we do at AdImpact. This agency used a combination of our established solutions and custom tools to achieve success, and we’re ready to show you how we can deliver results for you, too.

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