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Political Ad Analytics & Data

In the last two weeks, there were 256 unique political ads that aired 38,378 times and we tracked $47.6M in political spending from 784 advertisers.

Each of the top ten advertisers from the last two weeks spent more than $1M. The three highest spending advertisers were Eric Adams for NYC Mayor, Phil Murphy for NJ Governor, and American Action Network.

Eric Adams spent $1.6M and has four ads on air. His top ad discusses racial inequality. Watch it here:

Phil Murphy spent $1.5M and has two ads on air. His top ad aired 936 times in the last two weeks and focuses on moving New Jersey forward. Here’s the ad:

American Action Network spent $1.5M and had seven ads on air. The ads targeted Democratic Representatives Cartwright (PA-08), Golden (ME-02), Luria (VA-02), Pappas (NH-01), Axne (IA-03), Defazio (OR-04), and Gonzalez (TX-15) over what it calls “Pelosi’s dangerous drug plan” and prescription drug production in China. Watch one of the ads here:

New York, NY was the top market in the last two weeks with $18.3M in spending. This is nearly $10M more than the next top market, Washington, D.C. with $7.3M.

The spending in New York is largely driven by the NYC Mayoral Race. Total spending for the NYC mayoral race is currently $38M. The race for NY governor is also sending spending into the NYC market, with $4.3M so far.

After the NYC Mayoral race, the Virginia Gubernatorial race is the next most expensive of the year. The Republican primary wrapped with $5.4M in spending. The Democrats Have spent a total of $7.7M on their primary so far. McAuliffe is the top spender with $5.5M.


In the last two weeks, 30 ads aired on TV that referenced the Coronavirus. These are the top two ads:

  • 741 airings from California Teachers Association, “Celebrate Success
  • 596 airings from Get Michigan Working Again, “Failed

Additional Analysis:

Pets are considered members of the family, and their care increasingly includes health and wellness considerations like our own. Read about how this trend translates to messaging and brand advertising.

The NBA Playoffs provide a great opportunity for advertisers to get in front of captive audiences. Read about what advertisers are on the air here.

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