Political campaign advertising has dropped off significantly since 2020 ended and the Georgia Runoffs concluded (Read our recap of those races for all the final details here!) However, there are still political insights to be had! There are plenty of issue groups on air and it will only be a matter of time before Gubernatorial primary spending starts. In fact, Snyder for VA Governor placed $38K, the first spending of that election this week.

The next highest spending candidate for the week was Sid Ruckriegel who is running for mayor of Peoria, Illinois and spent $24.9K. Close behind him is Tim Kelly who is running for mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee. These candidates are keeping those of us starved for political content going. If you feel the same, we’ve got you covered!

On to the toplines for the week …

Weekly Ad Airings Insights

This week there was $2.1M in political spending by 52 advertisers.

The highest spending advertisers were the New Jersey Department of Health, Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund, and the Lincoln Project.

The NJ Department of Health spent $773K to air this ad in New York and Philadelphia, urging citizens to wear face masks, social distance, and get tested for Covid-19. The ad has aired more than 300 times.

Tobacco-Free Kids spent a total of $133K in the last week. The group currently has two ads on air in Washington, D.C. about vaping. The ads have aired a collective 49 times.

The Lincoln Project aired a :60s ad targeting Elise Stefanik of NY-21. The ad aired in Washington, DC, Albany, NY and Watertown, NY and the group spent $133K. This had has aired 73 times in the last week.

Washington D.C. was the top market with $905K in spending, followed by New York, New York at $575K.

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