AdImpact’s political media intelligence tools are trusted by the best in the business, from presidential campaigns to national newspapers. We have spent the last few months improving the look and function of our award-winning platform to provide vital insights even faster. Keep reading to find out what’s new and preview our latest updates.

Product Updates

We kept our classic, most useful features. Users can still view a race summary for easy-access, topline information about their races. However, in the race summary tab, we added a breakout of party spending for each relevant media market, including a map shaded by party advantage. This allows users to quickly assess the most important information about any race and then drill down into specifics about each advertiser and their spending by media type, GRPs, market etc. And for the user who wants the most detailed look at race-level data, the spending chart is still available, showing spending and GRPs over time.

We’re excited to unveil four major updates to our political intelligence tools. These changes put vital analysis all in one place to make finding answers easier and more efficient.

First, our competitive tool now offers a complete overview of all spending AND creative tracking. This means there is no need to switch between platforms. Users can view spending totals and then select the “TV Creative” tab and view a high-level overview of ad activity for a specific race. This tab contains data on the number of distinct ads run and total ad occurrences, along with the states and DMAs where these ads have aired. We also provide granular insight on the most recently aired ads, including the advertiser, date range title of the ad, and a link to the creative to view any ad. Users can select specific advertisers to view their data in more detail or select a market to see what’s on air in a specific location.

Political Media Intelligence for TV creatives

Second, we are the first ad intelligence platform to fully integrate digital creative analysis into a competitive tool. Populated by data collected from political advertisements run on Facebook and Google, this new dashboard highlights the total spending, number of distinct ads, and total number of times these ads ran. Each ad is also categorized by ad type (video or image) and by spend type (persuasion, direct response, get out the vote). By selecting either an advertiser or ad type, the dashboard will filter to show all information related to that selection. By clicking on an ad, users can view the specific creative, just like they can for TV ads.

Political Media Intelligence for Digital Creative

Third, we have introduced a transcript search for all creative. We transcribe every ad we collect, and the search feature lets users filter ads by specific words or phrases. The search aggregates all ads that contain the word or phrase and then displays data on total spending, GRPs, number of unique ads, and number of airings. This data is also split by party affiliation.

Finally, we added a broad overview of the political landscape. This tool allows the user to assess national trends by market, state, or race type, and contextualize specific races. It also shows gross spending totals for race categories, making it easy to see which party holds an overall spending advantage in contests for the House and Senate or in a specific state or market. This view also allows a user to drill down into specific race or advertiser activity and view spending head-to-heads and spending trends over time.

Political Media Intelligence political landscape

Like the high-level breakdown, this secondary view is also interactive and filterable, allowing users to see individual spending data for markets or advertisers. For instance, for the 2020 Georgia Senate election, making it simple to compare spending by Jon Ossoff and David Perdue in Atlanta over the duration of the election.

The AdImpact team has worked hard to improve our tools and give our users the best experience! If you have questions about the updates, or you would like to see a live demo of our political intelligence platform, please email

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