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The TX-06 race is going to a runoff between Susan Wright and Jake Ellzey. We looked at where spending in the race stood before the election last Saturday. Get caught up here and stay tuned for updates on the runoff.

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Political Media Data & Toplines

In the last two weeks, there were 281 unique political ads that aired 33,114 times and we tracked $31.7M in political spending from 598 advertisers. That’s a $10M dollar increase in spending from the two weeks prior.

Nine of the ten top advertisers from the last two weeks spent more than $1M. The three highest spending advertisers were Las Vegas Sands, Future Majority PAC, and the AFL-CIO.

Las Vegas Sands spent $1.8M and currently has one ad on air. The group is advertising in support of building casinos in Texas. The ad focuses on the economic benefit for Texans if casinos are allowed in the state. In total, the group has spent about $3.9M.

Future Majority PAC spent $1.6M in the last two weeks and has ten ads on air thanking Democratic Senators and President Biden for supporting America’s Covid-19 response. Some of these ads have been on air for almost a month.

The AFL-CIO spent $1.5M and had five ads on air during the last week. The group is advertising in support of the PRO Act in Alaska, Virginia, West Virginia, and Arizona. Two of the ads specifically thank Senator Joe Manchin (WV) and Representative Don Young (AK) for their support:

New York, NY was the top market in the last two weeks with $5.45M in spending, closely followed by Washington, D.C. with $5.44M in spending.

This spending is driven in part by the NYC Mayoral Race and the Virginia Gubernatorial Primaries. So far the NYC Mayoral race has seen a total of $12M in spending and the VA Gubernatorial race has seen $8.9M in spending in total.

Special shoutout to Andrew Yang who placed his first non-digital spending this week. His total spending in the race for all media types currently sits at $739K.

There are were 10 ads on air in the Virginia Gubernatorial race in the last two weeks. Seven of the 10 are from Terry McAuliffe and two of the 10 are from Jennifer Carroll Foy. This is the top ad that has aired 939 times in the last two weeks:


In the last two weeks, 49 ads aired on TV that referenced the Coronavirus. These are the top two ads:

Additional Analysis:

Last month, AdImpact partnered with G2Analytics to review how the voting conversation in Georgia played with likely voters in the state. We compared our spending figures with their analysis of public response to see which ads performed the best.

Read about it and watch an episode of the ADVantage with AJ Rehberg from G2Analytics!

You can also catch some of our latest insights about advertising during the Oscars and advertising trends from used car dealers.

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