President’s Day always comes with sales and the corresponding federal holiday provides consumers with the day off they need to go out and shop. This means that brand advertising ramps up in February to drive consumers to buy something new. We were curious about 2021 trends in President’s Day advertising, so we did a deep dive into the ads we track in all local TV markets. Based on a transcription search of the ad we tracked in the last 10 days, there were 85,700 that referenced President’s Day sales. This accounts for almost 2% of all local tv advertising that occurred during the same time period. Additionally, we found that ad volume peaked on Thursday, February 11, and Friday, February 12. 

President's Day Ad Analytics

President's Day Ad Volume

The three local markets where the most sale-related ads aired were San Francisco, CA, Austin, TX, and Dallas, TX. Although it is probably fair to guess that shoppers in Texas were not venturing outside to go mattress or car shopping in the midst of a massive winter storm. 

Furniture and mattress stores advertised the most with 59,000 ad airings in the last 10 days, accounting for 68% of all President’s Day related ad airings. Auto makers took second place with 17,600 ad airings in the run up to February 15th 

The advertiser with the most ad airings was Ashley Home Store with 16,400 ad airings, almost as much as all automotive advertisers combined. Ashley Homes was followed by Rooms To Go, and Mattress Firm. The top Ashley Home Store ad aired 6,800 times and offered shoppers no interest financing for six years. 

In the Automotive category, Toyota took the top spot with 4,000 ad airings, followed by Ford and Honda, each with about 2,000 airings. The top Toyota ad offered 0.9% APR financing for 60 months on a new 2021 Toyota Camry. The ad aired 625 times. The fact that President's Day advertising was in full swing among auto makers suggests car companies are starting to bounce back from the impact of Covid-19.

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