Two events over the weekend were significant for the world of broadcast advertising: Elon Musk’s appearance on SNL and Mothers’ Day. The first because it was a prime opportunity for car companies to showcase their electric offerings and the second because it is maybe one of the best days of the year for companies to boost their image and gain some goodwill from customers. Let’s take a look at what tv advertising looked like over the weekend.

Down with the Dogefather

Elon Musk was perhaps one of the most talked about SNL hosts in the past few years. Musk has been a household name for a while now, especially among millennials and gen-zers, because of his being the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. He has recently been promoting meme stocks such as GameStop and Dogecoin which is largely why he was invited to host. Because Tesla is the company to beat in the EV space, his competitors saw it as a chance to pounce. We tracked about 382 ads from 16 car companies. An ad from EV maker Lucid, which can be seen below, was the most widely discussed of the evening because they placed it directly after Musk’s monologue and the company, unlike most car makers, only makes electric cars putting it in direct competition with Tesla.

All the Feels

There are a few days a year where advertisers have the chance to build goodwill just by running ads that recognize that day. April fool’s day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Independence Day, and, of course, Mothers’ Day. We saw a number of advertisers running Mothers’ Day themed ads in the weeks leading up to Mothers’ Day and our transcription data shows over 21,000 airings of ads from national brands to local advertisers saying either “Mother” or “Mom” last Sunday. Probably the most prominent of the bunch was the Dick’s Sporting Goods ad “Mothers’ Day” shown below. Dick’s Sporting Goods hired its first female CEO in January and they have been advertising around the many women they have in senior leadership roles, so this powerful ad fit right into their existing female-oriented advertising. It was also one of the only 60 second Mothers’ Day ads and only aired on cable. All airings we captured of this ad were national which also distinguishes it from most other advertisers.

P&G, who once had the slogan “Proud sponsor of Moms,” ran this Crest ad over 1100 times on Sunday – one of the most aired ads of the day. Other big Mothers’ Day advertisers included Marshalls, Cricket Wireless, and Macy’s. The Marshalls ad ran over 25,000 times in the days leading up to Mothers’ Day and strikes a comedic tone when promoting the great prices on the perfect gift for your mother at Marshalls. There are two tones when it comes to Mothers’ Day ads, funny, like the Marshalls and Crest ads, and heartwarming, like the Dick’s Sporting Goods ad, and both go a long way for brands in improving brands’ consumer sentiment. It was a weekend of unique advertising opportunities, both heartfelt and competitive.

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